I Want To Serve As Your Vice Chair

ByMiriam for Vice Chair

I Want To Serve As Your Vice Chair

My name is Miriam Chu.

I want to serve as your vice chair.

My strength is my versatility.

I’ve earned my living as an artist, manager, carpenter, welder and specialty contractor.

In my years in industry, my focus was on analyzing systems, solving problems, and helping all my team members become better contributing players.

I have served as a tea party, chair precinct chair, freedom works national activist advisory Council member eighth district at-large member and vice President of Moore Republican Women and I’m an all-around gofer, artist, volunteer and handyman for the Moore Republican Party.

As a business the end product of the NCGOP is Republican votes at the polls.

It is our job to elect Republicans.

We need to examine how we can improve our system to increase our success because there has never been a more crucial time in 2022 elect Republicans.

Everything that matters about politics I learned in the brickyard.

In manufacturing, I learned that the better informed, better trained, and greater individual decision-making capability of your front line workers, the greater the efficiency and the better the quality of your end product.

When people understand the system and why their job is critical, they do their job better and are happier.

A kiln runs most efficiently when is run continuously. We need to keep our precincts up organized and running even between elections.

A building requires a strong foundation and in the NCGOP, you are the individual bricks that make that foundation strong.

Organized that the precinct level, you knock on the doors make phone calls and get out the vote.

Our focus should be on providing you the tools to succeed.

As your vice chair I will dedicate my time talent and energy to supporting and encouraging all members of the North Carolina Republican Party to join together to make it a stronger and more winning team.

I want to work for you as your Republican vice chair

My name is Miriam Chu

I thank you for your support

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