Why Should You Vote for Me

ByMiriam for Vice Chair

Why Should You Vote for Me

Miriam Chu… Who am I and Why Should You Vote for Me

As an artist, carpenter, welder, and corporate manager, my strength is my versatility.

I am an ordinary citizen. I am versatile and work hard. During my 20+ years in manufacturing, my focus was on analyzing systems, solving problems and helping all my team members be better contributing players.

I worked my way up to be the head of the technical services department for the fifth largest brick manufacturer in America, then the Division Technical Services Manager when the company I worked for was acquired by the world’s largest brick manufacturer.

The challenge of supervising workers in an industrial setting and on construction job sites has taught me that everyone has an important role to play. No one’s job is insignificant and everyone should be treated with respect.

One of my responsibilities as Technical Services Manager was handling customer complaints.  I personally worked with customers, sales representatives and plant personnel to negotiate and execute successful resolution plans without going to the courtroom.  I have been able to satisfy both the customer and the corporate office, leaving both feeling good about what was done.  My team joked, “The only time we get to see happy customers is in the rear view mirror!”

These are the skills that I will bring to make the NCGOP Great Again!

Everything That Matters About Politics… I Learned at the Brickyard.     

As a business, the end product of the North Carolina Republican Party is Republican votes at the polls. Our job is to elect Republicans. We need to examine how we can improve our system to increase our success rate. The job of electing Republicans in North Carolina will never have been more critical than it will be in 2020.

In manufacturing, I learned that the better informed, the better trained and the greater the individual decision-making capability of the people on the manufacturing line, the greater the efficiency and the better the quality of the end product.

When people understand the system and why their job is important, they do their job better and are happier.

A building I won’t stand tall without a strong foundation. The bricks of the foundation are you, the grassroots ‒ organized at the local level within the precinct. It’s the precinct people, who knock on doors and make the phone calls, who make the difference. Our focus should be on making these people as strong and well informed as possible.

A brick kiln runs most efficiently when it is run continuously. We need to keep our precincts up, organized, and running even between elections.

I would like to apply these principles from the brickyard to improving the NCGOP.

If elected Vice Chair, I will dedicate every bit of my time, talent, and energy to supporting and encouraging all members of the North Carolina Republican Party to join together to make it a stronger and more winning team.

I made a difference at a brickyard. I will make a positive contribution to the leadership of the NCGOP.


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