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Miriam Chu is one of my most supportive friends. Without her and her husband Willy Chu, I would not have been where I am today. This is a good hearted, conservative constitutionalist woman, with a true understanding of Americanism, and freedom. I can surely say that you can safely give this fine lady your support, she surely has mine.

– Mikkel Nissen


To My Fellow North Carolina Republicans,
Over the last 8 – 10 years it has been my pleasure to work with my friend Miriam Chu on a variety of issues. Whether it was working with Legislators in Raleigh, or with Tea Party Conservative activist at events across the State, Miriam has been willing to work to do positive things for our Fellow North Carolinians and Americans. I’m excited about the future of the NCGOP with Miriam as our State Vice-Chair. I know she will be the same positive hard-working activist for our Party that she has been for our State.

~ Guy R. Smith


Miriam Chu, without a doubt, is the most active creative hard working conservatives I have ever known. She will be an outstanding business partner as the NCGOP Vice Chair as she is in the business of getting Republicans elected! Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and I would follow her into battle anytime!

~ Sherry Lynn Womack, LTC (USA Retired)


I have had the pleasure to work with Miriam Chu on various political projects for years.  She is principled and tireless in her dedication to conservative causes, and her talents in working to elect Republican officials are truly impressive.  From developing high-level strategies such as branding and messaging to training and equipping volunteers at the county level, she is a strong leader who knows how to get Republicans elected and who can work effectively with others who share that goal.

~ Dr. Tim Daughtry, Conservative Author and Consultant


Hal and I will vote for Miriam Chu for NC GOP Vice-Chairman, and we hope you’ll join us.  We find Miriam to be trustworthy, straight forward, dependable, and hard working.  She’s always friendly and pleasant; it’s not an on and off again thing with her.  She doesn’t just tell people things; she listens intently and takes what they tell her into account.  She trusts worker-bees in the precincts, and she shares Jim Womack’s vision and goals. Together, they’ll help the NC GOP get back to being a winning team!

~ Raynor James


What is important to me as a registered Republican is the influence our platform will have in the voting community of NC.  There is one person I can trust to provide that influence and it is Miriam Chu.  I have known her for 6years.  In those 6 years, Miriam has shown me her dedication in supporting solid Conservative Republican Candidates.  As we canvass  door to door engaging others to get out the vote;  North Carolina volunteers need people like Miriam Chu at the State level to embrace our work.   Her loyalty and transparency of leadership has developed a relationship of respect as we have worked together or from afar.   Her personal touch & skills will grow the Party’s registered voter list.

~ Sue Butcher, Chairman Liberty First Grassroots.


I first met Miriam Chu at a Moore Tea Citizens Volunteer recruitment meeting in Southern Pines, N.C. I was the Chairman of the POWERFULL and RESPECTIED Candidates, Campaigns, and Elections committee, since its inception. And as the total population of the organization had increased we needed new qualified members with new ideas to step-up. Enter MS CHU.

Immediately, it was obvious that She was very capable and would be a great asset to the committee. As we progressed on the committee together and with Her input and suggestions it also became obvious that Miriam Chu could Chair the most important committee of MTC and I turn the reigns over to Her and a year later The Chairmanship.

Miriam Chu Excelled in this new position and took it to new heights with Her creativity and Smiling enthusiasm and was soon recognized by all that She had a higher capability as She helped others in their respective committees and it was recognized later that She should take the CHAIR of MOORE TEA CITIZENS, To which She was elected, with a membership of approx. 17 – 18 hundred  members plus a helping hand for other TEA Parties thru out North Carolina  and served in a critical time for ALL TEA PARTIES.

She has the ability to meet and organize new people without upset or offense. Her Honesty and Integrity is above reproach and will be a Wonderful and Outstanding addition to any organization.

~ Charlie Cooper, Moore Tea Citizen, Candidates, Campaigns and Election Committee.


Miriam Chu has helped our organization fight for election integrity in three major areas, First, she pulled up her sleeves in a project that identified for election officials a total of 842 voters who no longer lived in Moore County. Then she led a team that helped review an estimated 25,000 absentee ballots statewide, resulting in evidence that has now been referred for prosecution. And finally, she helped with fundraising efforts for 2018’s referendum on the voter ID amendment. She has always been an enthusiastic supporter of the Voter Integrity Project’s mission for open and honest elections.

~ Jay DeLancy, Lt Col (Ret) USAF

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